In 2017 the founders of Fortitude Circle (FC) came together to build an institutional grade investment product and give investors a tool for risk balanced exposure to the most promising digital assets.

Our Story

Having experienced multiple market cycles in the digital asset space, the Fortitude Circle Founders sought to create a low-risk portfolio construction product for a high-risk market. Acknowledging the strengths indices offered, FC partnered with Indxx, a global leader in building custom and dynamic index strategies, to create the Indxx FC|10 digital asset index. INFC10 was listed on Bloomberg in Q3 2019, and a tracker fund was created by the FC Founders to capture the performance of the FC10 Index methodology.

Fortitude Circle's vision, and conviction that index products provide the best risk balanced exposure for a digital asset portfolio remains unwavering. After a period of reflection on some of the challenges, and the high barriers of access for retail investors to institutional grade products, FC recognised the need to innovate and create a new line of products. This gave rise to the Exchange Provisioned Index (EPI) solution, a product to integrate directly within digital asset exchanges, where onboarded retail investors could subscribe to track a variety of custom index strategies, like the FC10 Index. This solution addresses many of the issues encountered firsthand for both index creators and retail investors.

Our Team

Fortitude Circle’s team combines a unique breadth of experience and a deep understanding across both distributed ledger technologies and traditional capital/financial markets.

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Nick DeFreitas


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Lawrence Tilli


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Pierre Boiteux

Quantitative Analyst

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Keith McLean CFA

Senior Advisor

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Stephen Roux

Strategic Partner

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Gustavo Schwenkler

Strategic Partner

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Liam Robertson CFA CAIA


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