Fortitude Circle partnered with global indexing leader Indxx for the creation of the FC|10 Digital Asset Index. Bringing more than 14 years of experience creating custom and innovative indices, Indxx’s products have been nominated for and won multiple awards including “Most Innovative ETF Index Provider” and “ETF of the Year for the Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF.” The combination of Fortitude Circle’s significant experience and understanding of the digital asset space and Indxx’s extensive experience in designing dynamic indices for both traditional and emerging asset classes lead to the development of the methodology behind the Indxx FC|10 Digital Asset Index.

Differentiating it from most other digital asset indices, the Indxx FC|10 Digital Asset Index uses a series of fundamental factors – market, network, and social – to inform its ranking of the top 10 digital assets. Market-specific factors indicate the activity of the emerging market support underlying the development of the digital asset and take into consideration the extent to which an asset is exchanged and valued. Network-specific factors indicate participation and support of the underlying blockchain network, while social factors indicate the awareness level of the general public in relation to the specific digital asset. A blend of such factors has resulted in a methodology that, when optimized for both performance and risk/return on a historical basis via comprehensive backtesting, exhibits an impressive return profile.

Looking forward, the partners at Fortitude Circle will continue to analyze and test the fundamental factors in order to ensure the FC|10 methodology continues to highlight the most promising and valuable digital assets in the market and delivers a comparatively strong risk/return profile.

PERFORMANCE – Indxx FC|10 Digital Asset Index

Growth of $1000. The Indxx FC|10 Digital Asset Index can be tracked via Bloomberg using the ticker ‘INFC10‘.


  • BITCOIN 25% 25%
  • ETHERUM 12% 12%
  • LITECOIN 11% 11%
  • XRP 11% 11%
  • DASH 8% 8%
  • STELLAR 8% 8%
  • MONERO 7% 7%
  • EOS 6% 6%
  • ZCASH 6% 6%
  • NEO 6% 6%

Performance of an index is not illustrative of any particular investment. It is not possible to invest directly in an index. The performance line of the Indxx FC|10 Digital Asset Index represents a hypothetical, back-tested, and unaudited return-stream that does not represent the returns of an actual account. Fortitude Circle makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, regarding the advisability of investing in securities or financial products. You understand, acknowledge and agree that use of the Indxx FC|10 Digital Asset Index is at your sole risk. Index performance does not include the fees and expenses that may be charged by a fund. Actual returns may differ materially from hypothetical, back-tested returns which, by their nature, involve both known and unknown risk, uncertainties, assumptions and other important factors beyond Fortitude Circle’s control. Back-testing is calculated by retroactively applying a financial model or Index-weighting methodology to the historical market data to obtain returns. Fortitude Circle shall have no liability to any person or entity for any loss, damage, costs, expenses, charges or other liabilities (whether direct or indirect), in connection with the use of the Indxx FC|10 Digital Asset Index.